Our Committees

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of local experts in the fields of architecture, building, community development, finance, and real estate who are committed to the belief that all people should have access to decent, affordable housing. The board determines the overall direction, role, and mission of the organization; formulates and approves strategic plans and financial goals; reviews the organization’s performance in relation to the mission; sets policy for the organization; and appropriates funds entrusted to the organization.

The board of directors and the executive committee are by invitation only.

Meets monthly | Chair: Jim Duffy, Ten Over Studio

Our committees welcome participation from community members with relevant experience or expertise, and a heart for the residents of San Luis Obispo County. If you would like to volunteer your time on one of our ad-hoc committees, please complete the simple application at the bottom of this page.


Our executive committee brings together the CEO and all officers of the board to provide leadership on issues related to policy development and strategic planning, and in preparing recommendations to the board on a variety of issues.

Meets monthly | Chair: Jim Duffy, Ten Over Studio, Vice-Chair Tricia Hamachai, KFA Los Angeles


Our finance committee provides general financial oversight and assists the CEO with the annual audit, budgeting, and fundraising activities.

Meets monthly | Chaired by Kirk Vaughn, 1st Capital Bank


Our building committee oversees planning and implementation of construction projects including securing, reviewing, and critiquing plans, analyzing budgets, distributing donated materials, and assisting with construction projects.

Meets monthly | Chaired by —

Homeowner Selection

Our homeowner selection committee assists in processing application forms, screening and interviewing applicants, and making recommendations to the board for prospective homeowners.

Meets during application periods | Chaired by —

Fund Development

Our fund development committee works with the CEO to create a strategic fund development plan that will assist the organization maintain and increase its long-term sustainability, and support its projects and activities by providing guidance, advice, and recommendations on income-generating activities, programs and events. Sub-committees include the events committee, planned giving committee, and major gifts committee.

Not meeting at this time

Site Acquisition

Our site acquisition committee brings together representatives from real estate, development, and other similar industries to select and acquire property in areas of the county where the population, jobs, and transportation are concentrated, and the organization can build simple, decent, affordable homes for local low-income families.

Not meeting at this time

Homeowner Services

The homeowner services committee supports our homeowner partners by establishing procedures; providing tools and resources during the application and building processes; and providing ongoing guidance, resources, training, education, and support.

Not meeting at this time

Community Development

Our community development committee brings together residents, local government representatives, and community leaders to implement our neighborhood revitalization initiatives. This committee provides an opportunity for residents of defined communities to identify distinct needs and contribute to the development of multi-year projects that seek to meet those needs.

Not meeting at this time

Faith Relations

Our faith relations committee creates an opportunity for members of local faith organizations to join our mission while engaging their community ministry programs in support of our work in San Luis Obispo County.

Not meeting at this time

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