Home Preservation Program

Our Home Preservation program is about restoring neighborhoods one home at a time, through simple acts of kindness.

We work to maintain the affordable housing stock and to allow seniors to age in place.

Our home preservation program provides painting, landscaping and minor repair services to local homeowners in need. Our goal with this program is to revitalize the appearance of our neighborhoods, build community among neighbors, and ensure homeowners have a safe, decent, and healthy place to live.

We have joined our home preservation program with Habitat’s Aging in Place initiative to focus our efforts on senior homeowners in our community. With this program, a special assessment is conducted on the senior’s home to assess the need for services which can help ensure they continue to live safely and comfortably in their own home. An affordable loan is provided to the homeowner to cover the cost of the repairs. Available services include installation of grab-bars and low-level carbon monoxide detectors, evaluation of trip-hazards, and furnace servicing.

How to apply?

Often, these homeowners can make their monthly mortgage payment but do not have additional funds available for basic home maintenance or safety improvements.

Qualified applicants will be able to provide the following information with their application:

  • Proof of ownership showing name and address of applicant (for example a deed on the home or property tax receipt).
  • A copy of your homeowner’s insurance or a copy of a recent insurance bill.
  • Applicants will show income within designated San Luis Obispo Affordable Housing Standard limits (very low to low-income per household size). All adults living in the house who are over the age of 18 must submit an income document (or prove current student status) showing name and address. Income verification must include a copy of the most recent tax return AND one or more of the following, as applicable: monthly social security receipts, other retirement income receipts, employment check stubs, and/or benefits for children.
  • Be willing and able to partner with Habitat by providing sweat equity toward the project. Sweat equity includes working with the volunteers on the repairs of your home. Seniors and persons with serious medical conditions may complete this requirement by doing alternative activities such as signing in volunteers or providing water and snacks.

Affordable Housing Standards

San Luis Obispo County Department of Planning and Building

Persons in HouseholdExtremely Low IncomeVery Low IncomeLow IncomeMedian IncomeModerate IncomeWorkforce

Interested homeowners should download our Home Preservation Program application